Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)


• Learning Through Film

->> Humanization of the Stasi

->> Empathy and Identification in The Lives of Others

->> Coming to Terms Through Cinema

->> An Emotive Surveillance Thriller

->> Long Day’s Journey into Brecht: the Ambivalent Politics of The Lives of Others

->> Tyranny of Terror

• Stasi Methods

->> Stasi Methods Used to Track G8 Opponents

->> Allegations of SBU Horrors Recall Cruel Stasi Methods

• Surveillance

->> Surveillance and Privacy in an Age of National Insecurity

• Stasi Histories (Articles)

->> Stasi Files as a People’s History of East Germany

->> Dealing with a Stasi Past

• Life with the Wall
• The Stasi Now


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