This is a site to accompany Modern German Film taught by Professor Steven Fuller at Portland State University.


Dr. Fuller received his Ph.D. in German Studies from Stanford University, with coursework at the Free University Berlin and the Humbolt University Berlin. He specializes in German cultural history of the 19th century, particularly in German Philosophy. His publications include a book on the rise of fascism. His secondary research interest is the Revolution of 1848. He is the Director of the Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik, an intensive language immersion program. In addition to courses in German, he teaches in the University Studies Program.

The site was created by the Spring 2013 Modern German Film class with the following students:
Webmaster/Designer — Kristin Bell (for website questions, email kristinb@pdx.edu)
Team Leaders — Stacie Looney & Sarah Schoettler
Researchers — Gahmmer Abduljabbar, Kristin Bell, Giovanni Doveri, Stacie Looney, Austin Maggs, Michael Mellor, Emily Pass, Alex Russell-Falla, Sarah Schoettler, Branden Sueper, Jacob Voegele & Dawn Von Nagy